Newborn Newsboy Hat

Nothing beats a baby in a hat, right? Especially a newborn baby. So I knew when I learned to crochet and I was pregnant with my son that I had to make him a newsboy’s hat. I found a FREE pattern here.

I made two hats from this pattern.

The first I made with I Love This Yarn™ in a dark grey with the optional strap and buttons.

My 1st Hook: I used a H hook instead of the G hook the pattern calls for. My first attempt was with the G hook and I got that “mom feeling” that my son’s head was going to be a little bit bigger. (I was right by the way. The H hook was the right choice!)

The second hat I used Bernat™ yarn in navy. I chose not to add the strap to this one.

My 2nd Hook: I ordered an iron Yankee patch from to put on this hat. My husband is from Connecticut and is a HUGE Yankee fan. To attach this to the hat (DO NOT IRON ON THE PATCH!!!) I used a fabric spray adhesive. It worked like a charm!

This pattern is a quick work-up and comes with versatility as you can see. While both of my hats were for a boy, but crocheting a flower to attach is an easy option to make this hat for a baby girl.