Quick and Easy Breakfast Tip for Kids…from Dad!

Do your kiddos like oatmeal? My kids LOVE oatmeal. The problem arises in the wait. Oatmeal is super hot when it is done right? Patience is a virtue and has to be learned. At the young ages of 3 and 9 months my sweet, innocent ones just don’t have it.

You can add just about anything to oatmeal. Our favorites are cinnamon, syrup, raisins and fruit. So today what does Dad do for them as they dance around asking to eat? He put frozen fruit in the oatmeal! INSTANT SERVICE. Not only does this allow you to add ANY kind of fruit ANY time of the year, it cools down the oatmeal quickly so you can feed their hungry bellies.

Thanks Dad!

My (Dad’s) Hook: Add frozen fruit to hot oatmeal. This cools it down faster and adds a sweet treat any time of the year!