Finished Project: 2015 Crochet Along – Mystery Afghan: Clue #10…The FINALE!

wpid-20150428_203858.jpgHere is  my finished project for the Mystery Afghan CAL! Clue #10 can be found here.

I cannot believe I am all done! I wave of nostalgia rushed over me as I joined my very last row together. This has been an amazing experience for me to test my skills…and I did it! After all my ends were weaved in I laid it out on the carpet and my little cheerleader (my 3 1/2 year old daughter) exclaimed “Mama, it is beautiful. You did so good!” She really is my biggest fan and loves everything I make. I did officially submit my afghan to The Crochet Crowd. I am patiently waiting for it to hopefully show up in their Flickr gallery.

This last week introduced an extended picot stitch. It took me a little bit to get the hang of it, but once I got going then I was counting each square until the end!


LAST Row: Extended Picot Stitch

 Thank you all for following me throughout this project! I have gotten nothing but good comments and encouragement!

Here are some more images of Week #10 and Finished Project:













Week 4


Week 5


Week 6 & 7


Week 8


Week 9


Week 10 – FINISHED!


Here were my colors reference:

  • Caron Simply Soft – Burgundy (Contrast A)
  • Caron Simply Soft – Off White (Contrast B)
  • Caron Simply Soft Heathers – Grey Heather (Contrast C)
  • Caron Simply Soft Heathers – Charcoal Heather (Contrast D)

This was the 2015 Crochet Along – Mystery Afghan by The Crochet Crowd.

Bunny Ear Baby Teether


So Easter weekend I gave myself a break from the Mystery CAL (even though it could put me behind ahead) and made a few gifts for my 5 month old niece. Both patterns are from One Dog Woof. The first was this adorable bunny ear teether. You can find the FREE pattern here.

I used some scrapes of I Love This Cotton™ yarn that I had. I chose a cotton yarn because it is softer and easier on baby’s mouth. This was so quick and easy to whip up. Using a lark’s head knot to attach the ears to the ring along for easy removal and cleaning.

Here is what it looks like unattached:


My only delay was I could not find the wooden rings at the store I was at. My mom came to the rescue and brought some 2″ rings on Easter Sunday. I would recommend at least using the 2.5″ rings she suggests on the blog. It was a little tough to pull the ears through, but my niece didn’t seem to mind!


Double Strap Mary Jane Bootie


So Easter weekend I gave myself a break from the Mystery CAL (even though it could put me behind ahead) and made a few gifts for my 5 month old niece. Both patterns are from One Dog Woof. The first was an adorable bunny ear teether. The second was a pair of Mary Jane Booties. You can find the FREE pattern here. I had posted the link on my Facebook page and my sister instantly commented that I  must make a pair so I surprised her Sunday. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! It has been a while since I have made shoes.

I used some scrapes of I Love This Yarn™ in Rosy Cheeks and Vanna’s Choice™ in brown. Making the straps tripped me up a little, but I was misreading her instructions. Be careful at that step and reference her photos for help.

These booties are great for beginner walkers! Her double strap design allows to the bootie to be secure and a little more challenging for little hands to take off. She also gives the tip that just by changing your size hook will give you a different size bootie. No need to adjust your stitches!




Valentine’s Day Garland – Button Ruffle Hearts

Did you print or download the Button Ruffled Hearts pattern? You can find it here.

Craftsy: Button Ruffled Hearts

wpid-2015-02-07-20.26.04.jpg.jpegIf you did, what did you do with yours? I made a Valentine’s Day garland for our mantle.

Here is what I did:

  • I chose 2-3 different colors (I used I Love This Yarn in Old Rose and Rosy Cheeks for the heart and Off White for the ruffle).
  • I made 12 hearts total:
    • 2 x small plain heart (1 – Old Rose; 1 – Rosy Cheeks)
    • 2 x small ruffled heart (1 – Old Rose; 1 – Rosy Cheeks)
    • 2 x medium plain heart (1 – Old Rose; 1 – Rosy Cheeks)
    • 2 x medium ruffled heart (1 – Old Rose; 1 – Rosy Cheeks)
    • 2 x large plain heart (1 – Old Rose; 1 – Rosy Cheeks)
    • 2 x large ruffled heart (1 – Old Rose; 1 – Rosy Cheeks)
  • Put them in the order you would like to “string” them.
  • With an alternate color (I used off white), CH 20.
  • Depending on the size of the heart, sl st and chain to attach the back of each heart to the garland
    • Small: sl st to post of DC, CH 1, sl sl to post of DC
    • Medium: *sl st to post of DC, CH 1*, repeat, sl st to post of DC
    • Large: *sl st to post of DC, CH 1*, repeat twice, sl st to post of DC
  • CH 20
  • Fasten off.


I would love to see your finished projects! Please share your pictures on my Facebook page:

New York Giants Football Helmet Hat – Adult and Toddler

New York Giants Football Helmet Hat - Toddler

New York Giants Football Helmet Hat – Toddler

With football season almost over, I wanted to share these hats that I made for my husband and son. You can find the pattern here. The pattern is written for an Ohio State hat and as you can see I made a few modifications for my boys. We are New York Giants fans in this house!

I used I Love This Yarn™ in White and Royal (blue) and Red Heart With Love™ in Holly Berry. This was the first time I had to sew on a piece like this. I recommend pinning your stripe prior to sewing.

My Hook: I used one color throughout and only changed my color for the trim. For the stripe I again did one color and only 3 rows (sc, dc, sc).

Newborn Diaper Cover

Along with the newsboy hats I made in the post Newborn Newsboy Hat, I made matching diaper covers. The pattern I used was from Posh Patterns and can be found here. It is not free, but comes in several sizes. This pattern called for the H hook so I stuck with that size hook since that was what I used for the hats. I chose to only add one button in the middle of the cover to secure the straps. These were going to be for pictures anyway so no need to get to complicated.

Button Up Diaper Covers.

Button Up Diaper Covers.

My Hook: I used the front-loops only on both covers. It added some texture to this simple and easy pattern. Also for the grey cover, I used a lighter grey for the body of the cover and then the same dark grey I used for the hat for the trim.

Newborn Newsboy Hat

Nothing beats a baby in a hat, right? Especially a newborn baby. So I knew when I learned to crochet and I was pregnant with my son that I had to make him a newsboy’s hat. I found a FREE pattern here.

I made two hats from this pattern.

The first I made with I Love This Yarn™ in a dark grey with the optional strap and buttons.

My 1st Hook: I used a H hook instead of the G hook the pattern calls for. My first attempt was with the G hook and I got that “mom feeling” that my son’s head was going to be a little bit bigger. (I was right by the way. The H hook was the right choice!)

The second hat I used Bernat™ yarn in navy. I chose not to add the strap to this one.

My 2nd Hook: I ordered an iron Yankee patch from to put on this hat. My husband is from Connecticut and is a HUGE Yankee fan. To attach this to the hat (DO NOT IRON ON THE PATCH!!!) I used a fabric spray adhesive. It worked like a charm!

This pattern is a quick work-up and comes with versatility as you can see. While both of my hats were for a boy, but crocheting a flower to attach is an easy option to make this hat for a baby girl.

Men’s Loafer Slippers for Women

Men’s Loafer Slipper for Women (size 6/7)

Ever since I learned to crochet my husband has asked for slippers. His comment with each project was “What are you making? Slippers for me?”.  The answer each time was “No.” So I knew when Christmas came around this year the perfect gift for him was some crocheted slippers! I found an awesome pattern by TwoGirlsPatterns here. While it is not a free pattern it is totally worth it. It is one base pattern that can be made into four different loafers and comes in three different sizes! They also make a pattern for little ones which I also purchased. Christmas was a little crazy for this mom. I had multiple projects going on at once and was in a race against time to finish everything. This year I will be planning my gifts out and starting in August!

Upon completing these loafers I knew right away that they were going to be too small even after they relaxed a bit. I reviewed the pattern again and noticed that I used the wrong size hook! They were indeed too small for my husband, but they fit me perfectly. They are super comfy and super cute.

My Hook: I figured out women’s sizing on a men’s loafer pattern. I dropped my hook size down (on a happy accident!). I followed the size 10/11 pattern size, but used an I (5.5mm) hook instead of the J (6.0 mm) hook the pattern called for. This gave me an end product equivalent to a women’s size 6/7.

Bib and Burp Cloth Shower Set

This is a very cute and fun project to do if you have someone (or you yourself!) are expecting. I made this set when I was pregnant with my son. You can find the FREE pattern here.

Bib & Burp Cloth Shower Set – Front Loops

Bib & Burp Cloth Shower Set – Front Loops

This pattern is all single crochet so I used only the front loops to give it a lined look. I used I Love This Cotton™ yarn in Denim, Sage and Dove. I chose a cotton yarn so it would be softer and drape better.