New York Giants Football Helmet Hat – Adult and Toddler

New York Giants Football Helmet Hat - Toddler

New York Giants Football Helmet Hat – Toddler

With football season almost over, I wanted to share these hats that I made for my husband and son. You can find the pattern here. The pattern is written for an Ohio State hat and as you can see I made a few modifications for my boys. We are New York Giants fans in this house!

I used I Love This Yarn™ in White and Royal (blue) and Red Heart With Love™ in Holly Berry. This was the first time I had to sew on a piece like this. I recommend pinning your stripe prior to sewing.

My Hook: I used one color throughout and only changed my color for the trim. For the stripe I again did one color and only 3 rows (sc, dc, sc).

Newborn Diaper Cover

Along with the newsboy hats I made in the post Newborn Newsboy Hat, I made matching diaper covers. The pattern I used was from Posh Patterns and can be found here. It is not free, but comes in several sizes. This pattern called for the H hook so I stuck with that size hook since that was what I used for the hats. I chose to only add one button in the middle of the cover to secure the straps. These were going to be for pictures anyway so no need to get to complicated.

Button Up Diaper Covers.

Button Up Diaper Covers.

My Hook: I used the front-loops only on both covers. It added some texture to this simple and easy pattern. Also for the grey cover, I used a lighter grey for the body of the cover and then the same dark grey I used for the hat for the trim.

Bib and Burp Cloth Shower Set

This is a very cute and fun project to do if you have someone (or you yourself!) are expecting. I made this set when I was pregnant with my son. You can find the FREE pattern here.

Bib & Burp Cloth Shower Set – Front Loops

Bib & Burp Cloth Shower Set – Front Loops

This pattern is all single crochet so I used only the front loops to give it a lined look. I used I Love This Cotton™ yarn in Denim, Sage and Dove. I chose a cotton yarn so it would be softer and drape better.