Newborn Diaper Cover

Along with the newsboy hats I made in the post Newborn Newsboy Hat, I made matching diaper covers. The pattern I used was from Posh Patterns and can be found here. It is not free, but comes in several sizes. This pattern called for the H hook so I stuck with that size hook since that was what I used for the hats. I chose to only add one button in the middle of the cover to secure the straps. These were going to be for pictures anyway so no need to get to complicated.

Button Up Diaper Covers.

Button Up Diaper Covers.

My Hook: I used the front-loops only on both covers. It added some texture to this simple and easy pattern. Also for the grey cover, I used a lighter grey for the body of the cover and then the same dark grey I used for the hat for the trim.

You Say Both Loops, I Said Front Loops

I had a moment this weekend. A moment of sheer panic. A moment of utter doubt. A moment when I realized that the standard way to crochet is through the entire stitch (both loops) and I usually only crocheted in the front loops.

HAD I BEEN CROCHETING WRONG THIS ENTIRE TIME!? The short answer? Nope, calm down momma.

Now I will explain:


The standard way to crochet is through the entire stitch or both loops. The final product will be uniform throughout. The right side and wrong side will look very similar.

Here are 4 rows of a standard single crochet:

Standard single crochet.


Crocheting in only the front loops (the loop closest towards you) will give you less dense product. Your rows will be more pronounced and give you a very evident right and wrong side when crocheting in rounds and a lined look when turning your work.

Here are 4 rows of a front-loop single crochet (arrows indicate the lines created):

Front-loop single crochet.


Crocheting through the back loops with create a chunky ribbed product.

Here are four rows of a back-loop single crochet (arrows indicate the ridge/rib created):

Back-loop single crochet.

Here are all three together:

Single crochet three different ways.

Again, they are all the same stitch (single crochet), but because each is done in a different loop you get a different look.

My Hook: Unless specifically stated in the pattern, YOU can choose which loop you would like to crochet in. Each will give you a different look, feel and texture to your final product. As I post my completed projects I will indicate which crochet loop I used so you can start to see the difference.